R K | 1962, The Hague. Former journalist, cab driver, paralegal, and – for exactly one evening – waiter in an Italian restaurant. Plus picture taker (with whatever at hand).

Gear | Since the early 80’s, I used cameras of all kinds and sizes. From duct-taped plastic Holgas to sophisticated (d)SLRs, from basic 5 megapixel phones to pricey Leica compacts. Currently, it’s a mix of mobile and mirrorless.


Elsewhere | Published in various print and online news media, and photo magazines Zoom (NL) and French PHOTO. I wrote a number of posts on lo-fi and mobile photography for Dutch photography blog Photofacts. Some of my phone images were included in group shows at Schlechtriem Brothers Gallery (Berlin), Pulchri Studio (The Hague) and Ace Hotel (New York).

Contact | For more information – or to just say hello – you can use the contact form.

(C) | All photos are copyrighted Robert Kruyskamp. All rights reserved.